Set design for “Serenates” ballet

2017, Valencia, Spain

Project made by Interior Design students from EASD.

Tutor: Mercè Coves

Set design for a ballet that took place in June at the cloister of La Nau, Valencia. The performance was done the 24th and 25th of June 2017.

The ballet consisted of a modern remake of two famous ballets: Les biches (1924) and Parade (1917). These ballets made a big impact when they first were performanced during their time.

The particularity of this project was that it was going to take place in a cloister. Therefore, the director wanted us to make a circular stage around a statue that is right in the middle and place the audience and the musicians sitting around this stage.

We also had to make a big impact differentiating the first ballet from the second one. And the only thing we could play with was the statue, so we decided to cover it and create a mechanism so that what was covering the statue in the first ballet would fly out from the statue and reveal it. In order to do that we used baloons with helium inside. With the help of a mechanism, they flew up and stayed under a transparent net we put before to close the ceiling of the cloister.

Students from the EASD worked together in this project: fashion students designed the dancers’ clothes, interior design students did the stage design and media students worked on audiovisual effects.


_Students of the Higher Conservatory of Dance of Valencia

_Cor Ad Libitum of the EC Quart de Poblet

_Philharmonic Orchestra of the Universitat de València

_Scenography, costumes and audiovisuals: EASD students

_Personal image: students of IES El Cabanyal

_Maribel Bayona, artistic direction

_Hilari Garcia Gázquez, musical direction

_Ballets: Les biches (F. Poulenc) and Parade (E. Satie)


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