Installation for the Folkestone Book Festival

2016 Folkestone, England.

This project was made during my Erasmus in Canterbury, England.

Tutor: Lucy Jones.

Regarding the 150th anniversary of H.G. Wells birthday, Folkestone was ready to host some installations in his honour. He was an english novelist who lived many years in this city. His first novel, The Time Machine (1895) was an instant success. It was the first story about time travel, and is considered one of the forerunners of the science fiction genre.

This project consisted on creating an installation that referred to H.G. Wells for the book signing that would take place in a building called Quarterhouse (auditorium and cultural center) for the Folkestone Book Festival 2016 – an annual literature festival that takes place in Folkestone Since 1980. It has a program of events that include talks, live debates, cinema and theatrical production.

The Quarterhouse is the host of many events during this festival, as well as signatures of books in the space of the bar which is where we were going to intervene. The peculiarity of this space is that it has two vertical openings that connect the bar with the reception and entrance of the building.

The installation had to support the festival’s activities and required:
_A sitting area
_Desktop (book signing)
_Area of shelves for the sale of books
_Lighting through the holes that communicate with the reception

The materiality of the installation is intended to reflect the aesthetics of H.G. Wells’ stories, which is related to the Victorian with industrial metal finishes. This is a style developed from the stories and science fiction novels of H.G. Wells and his contemporaries called Steampunk.
The intention of this installation was to present the essence of this aesthetic using 30cm length copper tubes crossed and joined by pieces of wood creating a transverse module in 3D.

The installation was all designed from that module. Every structure was handcrafted and put together in situ.

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